Dr. Dog at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY.

Dr. Dog Live at The Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY 01/27/2014

In the coldest winter Buffalo has seen in over 30 years, the Town Ballroom lit up with enough energy to heat the whole town. Although waiting in line for 25 minutes in sub zero temperatures was not fun, there was some classic commentary during the wait that made it worth the while. As Lindsey got her passes and we entered the venue, the stage hands were setting up for the main act, Dr. Dog. Having listened to these guys for around 2 years, I was eagerly awaiting to hear what was in store. This was my first time to finally catch them.

As the lights went down and the curtain pulled, the first thing that caught my eye was a light up sign like you would see on the side of the road, to lure you into some country store or gas station. On it was “Dr. Dog/ RIP Mohawk”, in memory of the Mohawk Place here in Buffalo, which had recently closed its doors. The band took the stage and the room went crazy with jubilant appraise for this Pennsylvania based indie rock group. Hell even I went a little crazy.

The crowd was a mixture of young preppie’s, artists, hippies and even a chunk of middle aged adults. I really liked the fact that this band had such a wide array of fans, it really shows the range of genres they pull into. As the band went into their first song, I was taken back to an experience when I saw my first Flaming Lips show when I was 16. I could tell these guys were the real deal.

Opening with “Distant”, they made their way into one of their biggest hits, “Black Hole.” Lyrically this song amazes me, the symbolism and picturesque imagery that dances in my mind, leaves a more than satisfying feeling in my soul. Creating an almost new age Beatles sound with mind blowing harmonies and over the top orchestration, the show kept moving on.

Other highlights in the set were, Broken Heart, Oh Me Oh My, Truth, Heavy, Rabbits and Lonesome. Throughout the set the band switched up instruments and before the end of the set, Bassist Tony Leaman, jumped into the crowd and sang. The security guards didn’t seem to thrilled about this off the cuff idea and quickly jumped in after him to get him.

Leaving the show, I knew we had just witnessed something amazing. I have given chances to a few other artists like these guys over the years, loving their albums, but the rest usually fell short live. Well, like the Flaming Lips and Ween blew my mind, Dr. Dog did just the same. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality show with amazing musicians and even better lyricists.

Writen by Jason Staniszewski

Photos by Lindsey Robinson Photography