The Manhattan Project at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, NY

February 7, 2014
Manhattan Project
Buffalo, NY

This past Friday night we went to the Waiting Room in Buffalo, NY to see the Manhattan Project. When we arrived, the venue was packed and Armagaddon Party was on the stage. These guys put on a stellar show. They kept the crowd entranced and transferred from one song to another seamlessly. The super low end of the bass and textures of the complex keys created a surreal atmosphere.  After finishing their set, The Manhattan Project took the stage. The Manhattan Project is a two piece outfit hailing from Rochester, NY. The drummer, Shawn Drogan is one of my favorites around, this guy can seriously play. Charles Lindner is no slouch when it comes to music, his masterminding techniques of fluid compositions is outstanding to say the least. These two have created a big following and their music is different than most of the usual stuff you are seeing these days. You can really tell how much love they have for their songs and their musical vibe in general. The crowd ate it up all night, and wanted more.  I would highly recommend either of these bands to anyone that is looking for something new. With heavy house beats these guys are worth checking out.


Photography by Lindsey Robinson Photography