About Us

Photo by Ayres Photography!! 

Our names are Jason and Lindsey Staniszewski. We met over six years ago, chasing music on the road. Having traveled for years together has lead to many fun adventures. The most memorable of which was bringing our wonderful son, Hunter, into this world surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Most recently we were married in the woods of New York State surrounded by our loving friends and family. We have finally decided to create this place to document the many adventures we have taken, and for those yet to come. I am a musician and writer, with a love and passion that overflows with an acute awareness of my surroundings and allows me to use what I see in my work. Lindsey is a professional photographer and artist, who is not weary on taking chances and following her visions to make her dreams come true. Hunter, our vibrant five year old has an imagination that very few can contend with. He has a desire to help others and learn from his everyday experiences. Together as a threesome, we have set out to conquer and make the world a brighter place. Keep checking back to see what stories will unfold as they are Inspired On The Road.

“We must take adventures to know where we truly belong..”

“Not Fade Away”

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