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    "The plot thickens as I race back into the house to get a few more things that we need so we can get on the road. Thirty minutes late already, but the future holds endless possibilities. The cascading scenery flows by, like our minds have been forced into the fast forward position from a remote control. Life is here, open for us to see and take control of, or let slip through our fingers this time around. Friendly faces arise from crowds, and laughter fills the room, creating an electrifying feeling that makes ones hair stand on end. This feeling is our souls reaching a higher, almost spiritual realm of togetherness. Go throw out your dirty socks, get a bag together and prepare yourself to be inspired on the road."

    Here are the musings of a musician and a photographer capturing a life of art...

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad at The Tralf, Dec. 22nd


This quintet based out of Rochester, NY put on a very impressive show. This new age, reggae infused band is known for having high energy and great stage presence. They most definitely did not disappoint. The drums and keys really make this bands foundation, with the bass and guitars adding the icing to the cake. The fact that all the members are vocalists really gives this band a jump on most acts in this genre today. The harmonies were right on and most of the fans agreed, having moments where women were jumping onstage multiple times throughout the show. If you have not had an opportunity it see these guys yet, do yourself a favor and check them out! They are on fire!

Photography & review by Lindsey Robinson Photography

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